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We hope you will enjoy our Lovely, Naughty and Obscure Music of the 1910's, 20s and 30's. You'll find intriguing Music, Videos and lovely Photos for your entertainment.

My band Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys are here and I'm Janet! Together we hope to wow you with our tunes of Old Time Jazz, Rag-Time, Blues and Novelty Songs. If you've come to check on Upcoming Performances, to see our past Performance Playbills, or to watch a little Video of a show, make like a cricket and click on SHOWTIME.

In my room ABOUT JANET & HER BAND you'll find some Biographies, discographies and photos of band members as well as Reviews and a Press Release Package.

The VAUDEVILLE CLOSET has many vintage photos from my collection of performers mainly from pre-1940s. I encourage you to submit some from your collection and play Show and Tell.

Down the hall you'll find the GALLERY which includes Art and Poetry from Me, My Father, and Friends.

To purchase my CDs and Things please visit the MUSIC section where you can listen to some of our Music. While here, please sign our GUESTBOOK and get on our Mailing List.

For more information about my pals who've helped me with designing this
Website, visit our MUSIC VIDEOS porch. There you'll find an array of solo and band film shorts.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love, Janet
(the ukulele chanteuse)

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